Kiran Parmar
Marketing Giant
Business Development Consultant

Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist. Expert at helping Businesses Grow and Improve.

Help: Build your Brand, Attract customers, Sell more, Become the “go to” Business for your products/services and Create a growing satisfied and loyal customer base. Ultimately increase Profits!

Always up for the challenge to help Business Owners and Businesses change and grow to achieve their vision and objectives. Have helped many hundreds of businesses across all Sectors and all sizes of businesses – from start-ups to local small service businesses to large corporates.

Take me up on a free consultation (but you have to provide the coffee!)

I love to be your Business coach, Marketing guy or just someone who can do the things in the business that you don’t have time to do, or can not be bothered with.

Use me, as and when you need a bit of help or on an ongoing basis to drive the change and growth in the business. Don’t struggle with your Business, let Marketing Giant help with bespoke approaches, strategies and actions.

Marketing Giant
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